Our residents are some of the happiest, cheeriest, sweetest people we know. Which is why we had such a sweet time yesterday, celebrating our wonderful residents and the joy and happiness they bring to our home with a BBQ and ice cream social!

Thanks to Peter from Toronto Softee Ice Cream Truck, residents got to enjoy a frozen treat, while enjoying the summer weather and the company of fellow residents and staff.

It was also a wonderful way for our staff to show our appreciation for each and every one of our residents, and to celebrate their resilience and perseverance over the past few months.

Residents were each gifted a Superman or Wonder Woman shirt with Coronovirus Superhero on it, recognizing them as a superhero throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only have our residents supported each other, but they’ve also been a constant source of strength for our staff, reminding us each and every day why we love our jobs so much.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone for making this such a memorable day, and we are looking forward to many more celebrations together.